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Storm Water Task Force

Purpose and Organization
The Portage County Storm Water Task Force was established in 2003 to evaluate the requirements of the NPDES Phase II program and to guide the implementation of the Portage County Storm Water Management Program (SWMP). The Task Force meets quarterly to review the progress of the SWMP, to make appropriate decisions on storm water BMPs and new projects, and to share ideas on SWMP implementation. The Storm Water Task Force is comprised of 1-2 representatives from each of the regulated communities, Portage SWCD staff, Portage County Engineer's Office, Portage County Health Department, Portage County Water Resources, Portage County Regional Planning Commission, and Portage County Commissioners. Interested parties and the general public are welcome to attend - contact the Portage SWCD for upcoming meeting dates.

Participating Regulated Communities
Portage County
Brimfield Township
Franklin Township
Ravenna Township
Rootstown Township
Suffield Township
City of Ravenna
City of Streetsboro
Sugar Bush Knolls
Village of Brady Lake

Other Participating Communities and Departments
Edinburg Township
Randolph Township
Portage County Commissioners
Portage County Engineer
Portage County Health Department
Portage County Regional Planning Commission
Portage County Water Resources

Useful Documents Portage County Good Housekeeping Plan