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Conservation Programs
The Portage SWCD & the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) encourage landowners to adopt practices that conserve and manage our natural resources. We offer various programs to help you attain your conservation goals.

Conservation Planning
If you have recently purchased a property and would like to explore your land use options or if you are considering making changes in your current land use plans, our staff can be of assistance. Working with you, we can develop a comprehensive conservation plan that fits your your needs.
Please contact
Kara MacDowell, x113 or Dee Waters, x114 for more information.

Conservation Sales Programs
The Portage SWCD offers a number of sales programs, including trees and fish stocking sales.
Tree Sale is an annual favorite - customers choose from a wide variety of trees and shrubs to beautify their property. Proceeds from the annual Tree Sale are used to fund the SWCD education and outreach programs.
Multiple Fish Sales are conducted each year. The white amur sales are designed for people looking for an alternative to chemical weed control. The fish fingerling sale is great for landowners with new ponds.

Cost Share Programs
There are a number of cost share programs available to landowners looking to install conservation practices. Our staff can assist you in locating cost share dollars to fund your projects.
For federal USDA programs, please contact Kara MacDowell
, x113 or Dee Waters, x114

Drainage Issues
The Portage SWCD staff can assist you in dealing with drainage problems, soil erosion or water issues on your property. Please contact
James Bierlair, x112 or Eric Long, x120 to schedule an appointment.

Engineering Services
Our technicians can provide various engineering design services for projects such as grassed waterways, manure storage facilities, or milkhouse waste wetland systems.
The Portage SWCD has discontinued the pond design program, but the staff is available to meet with you and provide technical advice to assist with your pond project.
Please contact
James Bierlair, x112 or Eric Long, x120 for more information.

Farmland Preservation
The SWCD is actively involved in the Portage County Farmland Preservation efforts. If you are interested in learning more about the options available for preserving your farmland via easements or donation, please contact
James Bierlair, x112

Maps & Resources
We have a wealth of information available at the SWCD office and most items or copies of items are available to you free of charge! Get informed about your property or research prospective sites before you purchase them!

Some of our available resources include:
Soil Survey Maps (atlas sheets only)
Topographic Maps
Aerial Photographs (1959, 1966, 1979, 1990, 1994)
National Wetland Inventory Maps
Soils Information
Forestry Management Resources
Backyard Conservation Information

Contractor List
Forester List
Nuisance Trapper List
Soil Scientists List
Erosion Control Installers & Suppliers
Wetland Consultant List

Rental Programs
Interested in exploring the benefits of conservation tillage without investing in new equipment?? The SWCD owns a Haybuster No-Till Drill with a grass/hay seed attachment that is available for producers to use at a rate of $8.00 per acre. The drill is available on a first come-first served basis. Producers that wish to be invloved in this program must contact
James Bierlair, x112.

Storm Water Management
The Portage SWCD is committed to assisting local communities in their quest to comply with the new EPA NPDES Phase II Storm Water Regulations. Click
here to learn more about storm water management, the new regulations and information on how you can get involved! Please contact Eric Long, x120 for more information.

Stream Monitoring
In a cooperative effort with OSU Extension, the Portage SWCD launched a new student stream monitoring program in the fall of 2003. Students in grades 5-12 adopt a stream site and commit to monitoring it twice per year (fall and spring) for macroinvertebrates and sediment. This is a great educational opportunity as well as a much needed source of information on the water quality of local streams. If your class would like to become involved or if you have a stream site on your property that you would like to "open" for adoption, please contact
Lynn Vogel, x111.

Urban Program
The Portage SWCD staff can assist you in planning your development site to minimize impacts to sensitive areas and to identify critical areas that are susceptible to erosion. The SWCD staff also works with Portage County Regional Planning Commission and communities to review SWPPPs and to perform sediment and erosion control inspections on development sites. Please contact
Eric Long, x120 for more information.

Volunteer Internship Program
Volunteers are beneficial to the operation of any organization and the Portage SWCD is no exception. USDA-NRCS has a well-organized Earth Team Volunteer program. If you would like to assist us in conservation programming, please contact
Kara MacDowell, x113 or Dee Waters, x114.
If your are a high school or college student interested in an internship opportunity, please contact James Bierlair, x112.